What are the hours of your office and how do I contact you?
I check my voicemail during my regular working hours. The exceptions to my availability are: available to patients who are actively suicidal. For patients experiencing crisis of suicide attempt or strong suicidal intent, call 911 or go to the emergency room of the nearest hospital.
When on vacation I will have colleagues cover for me, whose name and telephone number will be on my voicemail, and email.  You can also call your insurance company’s toll free number for their EMERGENCY PROCEDURES or get a referral to another provider if you cannot wait for me. Therapy sessions are between 40-45 minutes in length. Any contact lasting longer than 15 minutes could incur a charge, this includes email communication. Best way to reach me is by telephone (916) 320-1505. I can also be reached by filling out the form below.
What is the cancellation policy?Insurance companies do not pay for missed or cancelled appointments.  Therefore, I charge a full fee for these appointments cancelled with less than 2 working days or 48 hours notice. The missed appointment must be paid before a new appointment can be scheduled. If you have regularly scheduled appointments, and are a ‘no show’, I will assume you have dropped out of therapy, and cancel scheduled appointments. Your therapy can resume as soon as you call me, pay for missed appointments, and schedule a new time.
What are your payment arrangements, and fees? Patients must pay for therapy [copays, and deductibles] on the same day as their therapy. Individual therapy is $135.00 per session, and couples/family is $150.00.  I do work on sliding scale. To minimize erosion of the therapeutic relationship, I cannot extend credit to my patients. I accept payment by check, credit card, or cash at my office. If you pay me out of your own pocket, I will provide you with a bill to submit to your insurance company. If I am a provider on your insurance panel, I can bill your insurance company for your treatment. I ask that prospective patients check with their insurance companies for coverage. Working with your insurance company for payment is a courtesy to you. Ultimately, payment for therapy is your responsibility. Check my office policies section of my “new patient registration” doc under the “paperwork/forms” section.



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