The Psychotherapy office of Kathleen Muschio, LMFT


I believe inside every person who enters therapy exists an emotionally healthy person longing to be expressed. Years of abuse, discomfort or suffering may have made that healthy person elusive. Without a therapist’s help, many people feel lost. The process of therapy is as much an art as it is a science. I bring to the process a blend of art and science. I use a combination of relational, mindfulness, and empirically proven therapy to elicit that magical transformation in many people.


I am an active participant in your treatment, and you will not face problems alone. Compassion is my main tool, as you honestly share about your life. I combine brain science with the art of understanding human behavior and healing relationships to further your goals.


You may be scared or unhappy, and perhaps you’ve tried other therapists but it hasn’t worked. Or maybe you’ve never been in therapy before and wonder what it’s all about. I bring years of personal experience and training to every person I see. I look forward to your journey of uncovering the healthy person that exists within you.


Call: (916) 320-1505